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A Return to the Family Meal

Debbie Heller

For many of us the days of the entire family sitting down to an evening meal are in the past.  Baseball games, karate, dance and other activities often make getting the whole family together for dinner difficult.  Join the movement to get the family reconnected by spending valuable time at the dinner table.  Carlow Cookery welcomes the Family Food Coach, Debbie Heller, for a four part cooking class series dedicated to the family dinner.  You can come with friends or bring your children (ages 9 and above).

What you have to look forward to at each of the classes:

  • Menus will focus on healthy cooking.
  • Recipes will be kid-friendly and easy to prepare.
  • Each meal will include tips on encouraging child participation and increasing their interest in the meal.
  • Classes will include basic nutritional information throughout the lesson and tidbits on eating healthy including information on calories, fats and cholesterol.

Class Dates and Topics:

As with all our classes, each night includes a sampling of at least five different items, recipes and complementary wine.  Menus for each night will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

September 18th:  Kickin' Chick'n

Looking for tasty new chicken dishes?  Debbie will demonstrate recipes that will have the family looking foward to dinner.

October 2nd:  Fabulous Fish

Putting together fish dishes that the whole family can enjoy can be tough but we'll show you how.  Learn what fish is best and and how to properly cook it.

October 16th:  Sizzling Steak

Not your same old meat and potatoes!  We'll put together a great steak dinner using seasonal ingredients.

October 30th:  A Meal without Meat

You don't have to be a vegetarian to appreciate a great meal without meat.  Learn how to put together nutritious meals without meat that your family will love.

About the instructor:

I am a Professional Counselor specializing in motivation and behavior change. Additionally, I have a strong background as a Food Educator and have studied nutrition extensively. My passion is healthy eating and its impact on wellness.

I am also an adjunct professor of Psychology and Child Development. As a result of my training in behavior, I have a deep appreciation of the how and why behind our eating. I know that changing our diet involves changing our thinking. Diet and behavior are tightly interwoven and must be changed together.

Through my background as an Interior Decorator (in a previous lifetime), I believe in the importance of creating a nurturing environment in which to eat nourishing food.

It is my mission to help everyone, especially children, to be the best they can be through healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.

Please join me in this mission by sharing tips, recipes, and your own personal accomplishments in achieving optimal wellness.

Eat well and enjoy!

Check out The Family Food Coach website.

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