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Private Events

In addition to our regular schedule of events, Carlow Cookery is available for private events.  They can be held at the store in our comfortable demonstration studio or we'll take the class to you.  Our classes are the perfect setting for neighborhood get-togethers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, team-building events or fundraisers.  Our kitchen is a comfortable space that allows participants to socialize, enjoy the food prepared and learn more about the art of cooking.  Home parties allow to relax in the comfort of your kitchen.  We bring in all the necessary supplies and leave a clean space behind.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.  You are welcome to call the store at 215-489-2677 or email us at if there are any questions or to book an event..

Think you might have a group that's interested?

The process in simple.  Start by picking a date.  Our studio is available for classes seven days a week.  As long as we don't have a regularly schedule event or another private class booked for the day you choose we'll hold the date while you confirm the event with your group.  Looking to have us come to the home?  Pick and date and call to confirm availablity.  Confirmation of the event takes place two weeks prior to the class with full payment due at that time.

What time do the classes start?

Our recommended start times are 7 p.m. for our midweek classes demonstration classes and 6:30 p.m. for our hands-on classes.  Saturday classes begin between at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday classes between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Should I consider a hands-on class or a demonstrations class?

Which format to choose is up to your group.  Hands-on classes cater to groups of 12 to 16, demonstration classes are for groups up to 23.

Hands-on classes are perfectly suited to off-site team building events or for smaller groups that enjoy being involved with the actual cooking.  The menus are designed to encourage working together and problem solving.  The group prepares the meal based on the recipes provided with instruction from the chef.  The food that is prepared is eaten at the end of the session. 

For our demonstration classes, participants remain comfortably seated around the demo kitchen while the food is prepared by the instructor.  The setting is ideal for larger groups with varied cooking skills to enjoy each others company and an evening of food.  Generous samples of the food is served and the recipes are provided.  Both formats include complemenary wine.

How much are the classes?

Hands-on classes start at $65 per person based on 16 participants.  Demonstration classes start at $50 per person based on 22 participants.  There is a five dollar upcharge for weekend classes and the prices may vary slightly based on the topic chosen.  Off-site class pricing is similar but you need to contact the store for an exact quote.

Are some topics better than others?

While all classes are fun and informative, some are better for larger groups with different tastes.  Hors d'oeuvres, grilling techniques or a full Italian meal are just some of the most popular topics for group events.  Another good source for topics is our current schedule.  Last but not least, you are welcome to suggest  a topic and we'll work up a menu.  Click here for some Sample Class Themes and Menus


Photos of a recent bachelorette party held in comfort of the bride's kitchen...











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